Digital Marketing Solutions for Financial Advisors

September 6th, 2019

Having a “marketing” strategy is no longer good enough. You have to have a digital marketing strategy to be able to keep up with competitors and expand your product’s reach. Of course, the Internet’s effect on marketing is a game-changer for any business but has been slow to bleed into the financial services space.

With so many advisors today looking at the possibility of going independent, it is a given that the average advisor will have heavy concerns about achieving effective lead generation through digital marketing. Among the many services offering solutions to independent business owners, in the financial services industry, Snappy Kraken shines like a lighthouse in dark waters. When speaking to the marketing automation opportunities advisors can pursue at Snappy Kraken, CMO, and marketing guru, Angel Gonzolez of Snappy Kraken spoke to a universal philosophy he goes by when creating innovating Snappy Kraken marketing solutions. That philosophy was stated simply as “I reduce suffering”. Angel said that most advisors are great at what they do for their clients, but are often missing out big time with a lack of preparedness in marketing skills, as this is not something the financial services industry prepares advisors to do intuitively.

This is a huge concern for advisors since one of the biggest components of their business development relies on getting eyes on their business. Angel continues to say that these advisors usually have to hire outside their firms in order to meet their marketing needs. Angel explained that many advisors will try to do what is known as “Spray & Pray” which are essentially random acts of marketing without following up with the consistent engagement needed for a successful campaign. Angel explains that having a larger objective involves more education and effort than most advisors are ready to adopt without recruiting the typical outside help. Having a process, of course, makes complete sense to any essential business development goals, but where does one even start?!

Snappy Kraken has a unique and holistic process in place to empower financial professionals by saving them time and resources when facing the decision of whether or not to pursue a traditional marketing agency. Angel explains that at Snappy Kraken, an advisor can hone in on an objective for their business, and start their very own campaign in less than one day. The Snappy site allows users to select from a topic-specific preset content library, with a large variety of preset design choices and layouts. From there, Snappy Kraken’s fully automated system allows advisors to launch a campaign, utilize lead nurturing and client nurturing mechanisms, perform follow-ups and more, all from one spot.

For most advisors, compliance is the biggest issue here. Angel explains that Snappy Kraken sends most of its content to Finra to get approved. In addition to getting pre-approval, Snappy makes it easy to download the entire campaign as a PDF in order to present the information layout for compliance purposes.

Snappy Kraken’s process begins with a simple form submission where advisors submit basic info, followed by their company logo. From there, the financial professional goes straight into a campaign selection, each with unique, highly designed, beautiful graphic content. Each campaign also offers different campaign deliverables such as social media posts, landing pages, email drip campaigns, and more… Snappy Kraken offers a timeline view, where an advisor can see all of the different channels and content componentry, streamlined into a proven process with simple, and mindful entry selections for text and images. These simple editing options allow an advisor to have just the right amount of customization ability, without going off the rails with design options or changes to the layout.

Once the campaign has been launched, a Snappy Kraken user can manage not only specific contacts for lead generation follow up, but they also provide well-organized data and analytics for managing audiences as a whole through the campaign and contact activity stream. So now that any financial professional can start, run, and grow their own marketing campaigns relatively easily, let’s talk about the overachievers. Let’s say you’ve run one or two successful campaigns, and were able to see the direct benefits of using Snappy Kraken’s innovative system. Users can also begin multiple campaigns at once or add campaigns alongside their existing ones, all of which are accompanied by another layer of useful data and analytics, displayed beautifully on the User Dashboard. This again, helps advisors track their entire digital marketing system from one online profile.

What Snappy Kraken has brought to the financial services space saves business’ literally months’ worth of time, and most likely several thousands of dollars on content creation and integration one would have previously pursued through an agency or even several different agencies. Long gone are those days.